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The easiest way to truss your chicken or turkey.

No more butchers twine or slippery hands!!

Just Hook & Cook for a perfect, juicy bird every time.

Trussing Poultry helps to cook more evenly and produces a juicier chicken or turkey.

Perfect Presentation Every Time

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No More String, Just Hook & Cook For a Perfect Bird Every Time.

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turbotrusserchicken Use In Ovens, Smokers, Grills, Roasters, Rotisserie’s and Deep Fryers. turbotrusserchicken

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Turbo Truss A Chicken

Turbo Truss a Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken Turbo Trusser

  • Oven Roasted

  • Smoked/Grilled

  • Rotisserie

  • Duck

Turkey Turbo Trusser

  • Traditional

  • Smoked

  • Deep Fried

  • Rotisserie